Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring!!!! Then Back To Winter:(

I am so glad that it's finally warming up cause I'm sick and tired of the cold weather. I'm look forward to the fresh vegetables from our garden, the longer days, not coming home from work in the dark, and everything being green and alive again. We are also getting so anxious to go camping.
On Friday we had warmer weather.
The boys were outside all day long playing with their friends. They even got a little sun on their faces. Dylan even put on his shorts. They were having so much fun.The sun makes everyone so much happier. Look how happy Carson is being outside. I had the window in the houes opened! It felt so good.
Then came the snow and back to the heater and sweaters.
Dang Utah weather!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just Some Fun Pictures!

Dylan needed to make a cardboard box car for scouts.
I think the boys liked making the mess better than making the car. Here is the finished project. Thanks to Mom and Dad.
The boys playing video games!
Dylan and Carson looking at something very interesting.
Here are all the cousins eating ice cream at Grandma Lori's.
Plus the newest one!!
Baby Quinn
Lisa had him on February 18th