Monday, April 18, 2011


I wanted to update everyone really fast on what's new with our little family!


Around the end of September we will be adding a Little Girl to our family of boys!!!!!


We decided on waiting to tell everyone about the pregnancy until we found out

the sex of the baby. I was a little scared about keeping it a secret for that long.

So far everyone has been totally shocked! hahaha. When we told the boy's they

were stunned and their faces just glassed over. lol! They're really excited to be big brother's to a little sister.


So far the pregnancy has been harder and really different. I wasn't sure if it was just because I'm getting older or if it was a girl.

I was secretly hoping it was a girl.


My Doctor said you're never 100% sure it's a girl until it's here, lol. He's 80-90% sure it's a girl. There's that 10-20% that worries me. Although, after watching the ultrasound DVD a bunch of times and having had boys were pretty confident it's a girl.


So life here is going to be really different!!!