Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas time!

Christmas time is so much fun! We are so blessed to live by all our family and friends. That makes the holidays so much better. We were able so many Christmas activities.
Along with Dylan's Birthday parties. Yes I said parties, 4 if you are counting. I am so glad to only live a few minutes away from the temple. The temple square light are so beautiful. I just wouldn't recommend go the week of Christmas. It was crazy busy. But we were able to go on a tour of the Conference Center. That place is amazing. We have never been in there before.
Wow gorgeous.
Along with the lights, birthday parties, Christmas's parties, there is making ginger bread houses. Oh what fun. I am just glad the mess was at my father in laws house. He had all of us come over. That's 5 adults, 8 grand kids (7 of them boys.) Like I said glad it wasn't at my house.
On Christmas eve it's waiting for Santa to come. And of course lot of food. We went to Blair's grandparents in Plain City for dinner. Then home to watch the Santa tracker. We saw Santa in England than make his way to the USA. As soon as he came in the US, I told the boys it was time for bed. Santa was only in each state for 2 minute's, so he was making really good time;)
Before the Boys woke-up!
After the boys woke-up.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where in the World is Kevin going to go??

The day finally came, Kevin got his Mission call. I can not believe that my little, cute (don't tell him I said he is cute) brother is old enough to go on a mission.
Before we went up to my parents tonight I thought it would be fun to have my boy pick a state they though Kevin would be going. So we pulled out our puzzle of the USA ; Dylan picked Hawaii, Carson picked Florida and little Shawn picked Georgia. The rest of the family and friends all had there places pick around the world but, needless to say nobody guessed it right.
He got called to the England Manchester Mission and he will be going straight there on May 7Th, 2010.
One thing to remember when you are getting ready to go on a mission, get your pass port before you turn in your papers. Kevin has to wait close to 5 months know.
It was a really neat experience to be there along with friends and family waiting for Kevin to open up the call and see where he is going to be for the next two years. I am really proud of him for the decision he made to go on a mission.
He wanted to go out of the country but not have to learn a language. I think he is really excited to be going.