Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday morning Blair asked if I wanted to fly to St. George and visit my Grandparents. I thought it might be something fun to do and of course the boy's wanted to go.
I really wanted to get out of the snow and maybe see some sunshine and warm weather.

Well........ It turned out not to be sunny in St. George, but there wasn't snow and that was
just fine. The boys loved being outside and not having to put on coats, snow boots, gloves,
and so on.

While we were at my Grandparents house Shawn kept saying he wanted to go back in the airplane and "go fly". He loves every minute in the plane. He has to look out the window when we take off and land. Dylan and Carson love to go flying too.
Here's Hurricane Utah, that's actually where my grandparents live. Its nice cause the Hurricane airport is right by their house. The only thing I don't like is that the airport is really small. Blair teases me by saying "It's like landing on a sidewalk". Not what I want to hear! He thinks it's funny though.
Zions with snow. It's kinda pretty.Then we're back home in the snow and cold. If you can't tell I like the weather in St George better.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Swimmimg in the Winter!

Dylan and Carson are taking swimming lessons at Layton Surf and Swim. It's really nice to be able to do it in the winter because our summers are so busy.
After swimming lessons on Wednesday we all went swimming together. Shawn loved it! He has no fear of the water. He was trying to swim like his brothers. When the waves turned on Shawn would laugh so hard. The waves would almost knock him down when they hit him. I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears.

Dylan and Carson would go out into the deeper part with their tubes and ride the waves.
P.S. Carson lost his second tooth! (I didn't even know he had a loose tooth.)

Shawn is getting potty trained and almost has the hang of it.

Dylan is loving scouts and will be getting his Bobcat and a bead towards his Wolf at the next pack meeting.