Saturday, December 4, 2010

No black friday for me

The day after Thanksgiving My cute little family went up to my parents to go
sledding with my Uncle, Aunt and Cousins from Las Veges!

My cousin's wanted too play in the snow while they were up here!


Hot Stuff Dylan!

Cool Man Carson!
Little Stud Shawn!

Here is the beginning of a family sled train.

WOW they all made it down with their sleds.

Now this next picture is....

Well I don't know!

Bottom going up Justin, Kyle, Blair, and, Dylan
Now this Video is funny!

My Aunt didn't want to go sledding.

Blair and Justin decided she had too.

My aunt decided Blair was going to go down with her.

Shawn wanted Grandma to go down with him.

We had a good time with my Family.

I am glad we were able to spend another day with them before they had to head



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