Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spring/Summer Part 1

Wow what a summer we have had so far.

My boys better not say anything about being bored.

In no particular order.

Baby shower for my Sister-in-law

Shawn Graduation from Preschool

celebrated Shawn's 5th birthday.Celebrated my dad's 5oth birthdayAnd celebrated the birth of my twin nephews.There's been lots of playing outside

Riding my parents horses.we went hiking a few times.

Some hikes better then others The result in a not great of a hike/camp out.....

Rattle snake bite, three days at Primary Children Hospital,

a IV in both arms, swollen ankle up to his hip, 30 vials of anti-venom,

a ambulance ride,

not able to walk, crutches

oh yeah, one good thing anything you want to eat at anytime!!Playing with the twins.

BBQ's and Family

Boating With Grandpa CampingAnd getting ready for baby girl in 2 monthsNot to mention,

11 year anniversary, 30th birthday, cousin sleepovers, grandparent sleepovers, trip to Idaho, swimming lessons, fire works, and still more to come.

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Tyler & Katie said...

You need to post a prego pic, and pics of YOU on the blog. As if I'm one to speak. . . but still :)