Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break Is Here!

We decided to go down to Goblin Valley for part of the boy’s spring break. We went down there for our first time a couple of years ago and thought it was an amazing place.
On the way down there Dylan and Carson were in the playing their games boys and Shawn was watching Wall E. Before I put the movie on for him, he was acting the movie out. He loves that movie. How did our parents ever take us on vacation with out game boy, DVD players, and cell phones?

Blair's brother Mark and his wife Monica and their two kid Katie and Parker came down with us. My boys were happy to have their cousin to play with. They get tired of hanging out with mom and dad all the time.On the way down there we hit a little snow storm. I was hoping that it would be better once we got down there. It was a little chilly while we were there. We had sweaters on and most of the time our heavy coats. Blair even turned on the heater in the trailer for the first time ever since owning the thing. As the afternoon came it was just right especially for hiking around.
I climb a little mountain to take this picture of our camp spot.

The kids loved to climb and slide down on the rock. Thats why you should save all you kids pants with holes. We were the only ones in this area so the kids and the dog had lots of room to run around.
The second day we were down there we went to Goblin Valley. I cannot get over how amazing it is there. If you have never been you have to go to really take in the beauty of it. The kids love climbing on everything and having me take their pictures. Little Parker was sick the whole trip. I was really glad to get at least one picture of all of them.
Dylan want me to take a picture of him on this rock, he said it was his ducky. When we got over there to take the picture there was a lizard on the rock. If you look close you can see it. I tried to catch it, but it was too fast and I was a little scared! I told the kids I would catch them one. I never did but Blair caught a couple.
The boys also would ride Mark's rhino all over. While they were out Blair found a place where we could find geodes. Ever since I was a little girl I love to find rocks. The boys know this and will find a rock and have to show me.
This is one of my very favorite pictures. Katie loves my dog Tanna. They are waiting for the boys to come back on the rhino. On Monday morning it was really windy. It was the perfect day to fly the kites. Here’s Shawn just hanging out with his kite.
Blair put on more stirring on Dylan and Carson kite so they could go up higher. They didn't go up higher as much as they went out further. At on time the kite got away from them. They got it back. You can kind of see them flying their kites here. This is also a good view of our camp spot.
That afternoon Blair, the Boys and Me went to find rocks. This mountain was covered in really pretty rocks. Most of the rocks were already broken into little pieces. We did find a couple of good geodes.
Later that day we went to hiked Wild Horse narrows. It has some of the coolest narrows to go through. We didn’t go to far cause there was still water in there. I think the kids wouldn’t have made it much further anyways.
As we were hiking thru the narrows I told kids to hide somewhere. This is what Carson came up with.
We had to go under this rock so I told Dylan to pretend to hold the rock up. As you can see in the background Shawn wanted to help.
Good job Shawny!
Good job Dylan taking the picture!
On Tuesday we were heading home. But before we left we went to Goblin Valley one more time. It was warm enough we actually did not need jackets. Hiking around I got really hot. I was also carrying Shawn most of the time
Shawn was trying to keep his balance on a dirt hill.
He then told Carson he had to do it. Shawn had to show Carson how to do it.
And then Shawn told Dylan he had to do it to. Dylan wanted to make it a little different. Here are my handsome Boy!

This was a really good tirp. I know the boys had a great time down there. I cannot wait for the rest of our camping trips this summer. It's so nice to get away.

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