Monday, April 27, 2009


Dylan soccer Game!
Dylan is #6. His team name is the Red Flames. Dylan has fun a lot of playing soccer. He likes to run around with his friends. He likes to be the goalie. On Saturday he caught the ball, then it bounced of his chest and he caught it again. He wasn't going to let that team score.
Carson and Shawn watching Dylan at his game. The grass was wet so I told them not to sit on the grass; Carson showed Shawn how to squat.
Carson’s Game!
His team changes there name every game, so each boy get to think of a team name.Carson really likes to play soccer. He gets right in there after the ball.
I really like going to their games and seeing them so excited to play.
Carson is # 3 in the yellow.


4 Olsen's said...

That is so funny, Mia is number 6 on her soccer team too.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Carson, Aunt Judy is so proud of you for playing soccer, My son (your cousin) Jimmy played soccer when he was about your age and he loved playing it also.