Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthday Boy Shawn!

I can’t believe it Shawn tuned 3 years old today!
Were did all those years all go. When I am pregnant I crave hot spicy food, even more then I do normally do. So to have Shawn on Cinco de Mayo is really neat.
I thought I would put on some pictures of him thought out his three years. Shawn is such a fun baby........I mean big boy now. He is an all around boy. He like motorcycles (cycles as he would say), airplanes (I wonder were he gets that), and coloring.
He loves to be outside. When he is out there he is usually looking for bugs, airplanes, birds, and rocks. He likes to play in the sand box, jump on the tramp, and play on the swing set.Shawn really likes to be with his brothers. Whatever they do Shawn does.
He has grown up to fast. What happened to my little baby?
Happy Birthady Shawn! Your family loves you so much.

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