Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend!

For Memorial Day, weekend we decided that it would be fun to go camping in the Uintas. We left Saturday after work and maybe twenty minute in to the drive we got a flat tire on the trailer. Luckily there was a spot off the road where we could pull over and Blair changed the tire. Then we were off again. The Uintas is such a peaceful place to go camping. We love it there and it is only 2 hours away. You can beat that.

Shawn is all about camping this year and was excited to go fishing with his daddy.
He had to make sure we had the worms.
Then it was off to catch the fish. Well there went any fish. They still had fun trying.
While we were there it did rain on us. But really, when doesn’t it rain there.
If the rain got too bad we would go into the trailer and play games or read book. Even with all the rain it was not as cold as I thought it was going to be. The snow had mostly melted which made the river the highest I have ever seen it. I was so nervous to camp by the river but we told the boys to say away from it.
Don't worry Grandma Sandy they didn't go by it.
Dylan likes to find a couple of sticks to bring home. Some of them he will use his pocketknife and carve them. While we were out finding wood, the boys found this hut that someone made. They thought it was really neat to think someone really slept in it.
Shawn of course had to find his rocks. He would also find flowers and give them to me. Then he told me that I was a flower. How sweet was that?
On Monday Grandpa and Grandma Deis came up for the day to visit us. (They are the ones who found the spot we camp at now.) It was really nice to have them come up to say hi. They are really great grandparents.
Then it was time to go home


The Parkin Family said...

Hey Brenda, I read your post about the bouncy house thingy. We got it about 3 years ago online somewhere. But I've seen the exat same one on sale at Toys R Us for around $250. That's about hoe much we paid. The boys really enjoy it so I would totally reccomend getting one!

Michael and Brenda Smith said...

That looks like so much fun. I love camping and only got to go once with my sister's rehab group. I miss the mountains even more now. My girls havent been since Jade was a newborn. We are definitely going this year.

grandma said...

thank you Dylan, Carson and Shawn for listing to your Mom and dad and not going to the river good boys, wish Grandpa and I could go camping with you some time, it looks sooo fun. did you have smoors yum.
love ya Grandma Sandy

B&M Rogers said...

Brenda!!! Hey Katie got a blog finally!! :) I made her!!! So I am gonna try and get her to stay on top of it!! But go look at it she will love it if you do!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi This is aunt Judy, I love reading your blog and hear of all the fun places you go and do as a family, we love you all Aunt Judy