Thursday, June 4, 2009

One special lady!

Lucy is 86 years old and has lost her eyesight; her daughter (Carol) brings her to my salon every Wednesday morning. Lucy has been coming to the salon for over 11 years. They drive all the way from the Rose Park area.
I have been doing her hair for 4 years now. Even thought the boys have never met her. They still call her Grandma Lucy.
Lucy is one of those ladies that everyone loves.
Her and her husband were married June 24th, 1940. He passed away 40 years ago due to cancer. She still lives in her house. Her grandchildren and great grandchildren live there to help take care of her. Even with her eye site gone she still love to crochet dish towels, listen to the jazz and bees on the radio and she love to listen to cooking shows.
Lucy husband (Lou) was an executive vise president an Electric Company. The company would fly all over to do electrical work. There were many times that Lou would call Lucy up from work and tell her to get ready he was coming home to get her. He wouldn’t tell her were they were going to go. Then they would get in the airplane and fly to different place. One time they went to Hawaii just for lunch.
Lucy is always thinking of other people. She is so kind and caring. She loves my family and me like we were part of hers. She is always giving the boys money if they have a something special coming up. She is a very sweet lady.

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Anonymous said...

Brenda What a beautiful person you are loving and caring for this wonderful lady you will always remember her and what she has taught you with all the stories and words she has told you, Your Grnadma Bills would be so proud of you for the love you show all the ladies that come to the shop to have you do their hair. Wish you could do my hair. Aunt Judy