Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun in the sun

Summer is finally here!
The boys have wanted me to fill up their swimming pool for weeks now. So this week we finally got to do it. We had their friends come over and had a water party.
The bigger boys jumped on the tramp with the sprinkler underneath it.

Dylan learned how to do a knee flip and land it. He is so excited. I told him to do one and I would take his picture. Well, he ended up do 5 or 6 I would take the picture to soon or too late. Finally I got a good one.

Carson looks like a bug.

Shawn had to find little ones for him.

On fathers Days we met Blair’s family at a picnic area in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was really pretty up there. I took advantage of the beautiful surroundings for pictures.

I am so proud of myself for getting this picture of all the kids. They are all look at me.

(With the exception of one crying).

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