Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Camp Kiesel!

Dylan went on his first day camp! He went with his scouts group to Camp Kiesel.
I had to get him up and ready at 6 in the morning. That was to early for me.
Then was home at 4.
He wanted to take the camera so we could see it.
His pictures actually turned out really good.

The boys have so much fun there. Blair remembers going up there as a child and how much fun he had. It looks like a neat place.

There were lots of activities for them to do like, canoeing, shooting guns and arrows. Dylan made a leather thing. (i don't know what it's called)
There is a store there to buy stuff. Dylan bought a slingshot and 2 rabbit skins and of course candy.

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Justin and Emily Ballantyne said...

He did an awesome job taking pictures! We're glad he had a great time!