Thursday, August 27, 2009

August is already gone!

Here is how our August went!
My Dad and Mom got a new horse. Then named him Kabio. He is a really pretty horse (a little stubborn but pretty.)
The boys wanted to go riding. So we meet my parents at the fair grounds. Carson and Shawn have cowboy boots and a hat they just had to wear.
Here is Carson and Shawn on Penny there first horse they bought!

I love this picture!
Shawn kept telling my dad he wanted to ride Kabio.
I realized all the pictures of Dylan on the horse were of the back of his head. Oh well it's still cute.
Then later that week we went to the Davis Fair.
The boys had so much fun at the petting zoo.
Shawn really likes the goats!
Every time I would walk by the goats they would try to eat Shawn. Shawn thought it was funny.Dylan started third grade. I cannot believe that! He was really happy to find out his two best buddies were in his class. I had so much fun doing back to school shopping with him. He knows what cool stuff he wants.
Carson stared first grade. He is now there all day! Carson was excited to have three recesses, lunch, and a couple friends in his class. He is even good about getting on the right bus. He doesn’t wait for Dylan. Just gets on with his friends. They grow up so fast:( Both the boys were really excited to start school. Lets see how long that last. Once the homework starts I think they will change their minds.

**Blair and the boys also went to Lake Powell with Grandpa Tom. Leaving me home all by myself. What a nice week that was. I hung out with my friend, we went to eat at my favorite Indian restaurant. I cleaned my house and it stayed clean. But after a few days I really started to miss them.
(I do have pictures of them there, but they are on the other computer and it is getting fix so i will post those soon.)

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