Friday, November 6, 2009

Family Pictures!

So we had are family pictures finally done. We have wanted to do this for a really long time. Kevin is going to be turning in his papers for his mission, so we thought this was a good time. My parents have a friend in the ward that was nice enough to do this for us. I am pretty happy with what we got. My boys were so cute. Now I have to buy a lot of frames. Way to many good picture's. Here are just a few!


Melaina and Ben said...

So fun I can't believe how big everyone is now!!!

Michael and Brenda Smith said...

Cute family pics!
I generally have an larger turnout for Christmas cards than anything else so I've decided to do two days to make it easier for people to attend. It also helps to split the amount of people that come to make it easier to use my supplies. Hopefully you can make would be great so see you. If not and you'd still like to make cards I could cut out your kits and you can come make cards with me when I put mine together.

I have also been in touch with Misty James recently and have been talking about putting together a girls night out to catch up. Maybe just after the holidays will be good when things slow down a bit.

I hope all is well and hope we can hang out soon. Sorry we haven't gotten together sooner. I've been meaning to call and life got super crazy with the move and trips. I will try to call you soon so we can catch up a bit.

LEMEN said...

Oh my goodness, look at your hair. At first I didn't know who the girl was in the picture. When did you do that? It lookes good.