Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween is such a fun holiday.
I just can’t believe it is already over and now we are on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Which are really fun Holidays too but man what happened to the year!

The boys had so much fun carving their pumpkins. The only part I really had to help with was getting the guts out and helping then think of a face to carve. I attacked the Dylan and Carson with Halloween paint. Don't they look good? Good thing they have a good sense of humor!

For Halloween, the boy’s cousins come over and go trick or treating with them. I stay at home handing out the candy and making nice warm soup for when they come in. This has been a really fun tradition we started. I hope we do it every year.

Dylan as a gross, and scary zombie. He was so scary that he made a couple of his cousins cry. Little Shawn, as a cute but, scary skeleton. Shawn didn’t want his make-up done. Maybe he was nervous about how I did the boys make up earlier.Carson wanted to be the grim ripper. I think I did a good job on the makeup. He was happy.
The boys had a really good Halloween. I can't believe how much candy they got.

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Anonymous said...

The pictures are wonderful, thank you for sharing. You know I have to a family photo. Brenda you make a beautiful blog spot. The boy's pictures are excellent. Such a beautiful family.

Love Grandma Lori