Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well the Easter bunny made it to our house.
Leaving behind lots of candy, new books, shirts, and kites. Shawn was really funny this year. He was with my mom at the store and this is how the conversation went.
Shawn: Grandma I want some candy
Grandma: The Easter bunny is going to bring you some candy in a couple days
Shawn had a very serious look on his face. You could tell he was thinking of something.
Shawn: but bunny's can't walk.
When my mom told my that I was laughing so hard.
Then after that Shawn would tell me that the rabbit is bring him candy
Carson was really excited for Easter. This year he wanted the Easter bunny to hide the eggs inside the house. As a kid I hated when we had to do Easter inside but Carson wanted it. I think he was very happy
Dylan got the book Lightning Thief. He was really happy about that. His friends told him that it was a good book. He also wanted Easter inside. He said it was because they was more places to hide the eggs.
Later that morning we went with my parents to Skull Valley. We rode their horse, shot guns, had a picnic, flew kites, and just had a hole lot of fun.
My parents also did a little Easter egg hunt out there for them.
Once again lots of candy!

I don't know who had more fun with the kites my boys or my brothers.

*On just a little side note Kevin leaves for England exactly one month from today :)

Just so everyone knows his farewell is on April 25th.

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Robby, Kristi and Jace said...

Looks like you all had a great weekend!! Your boys are adorable.....