Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Update on the missionary!

So my Sister in Law and I are going to do a Missionary blog for my brother Kevin.

We will post his pictures, letter and new address from England as we get them.

Please leave us any comments for him.

I can not believe he leave in one week from tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

sunday was sooo special, there with all of you, it was just a picture perfect day. Kevin is so handsome. he will be a good missionary, come back a man with so much to offer the world. I am proud of him. Grandma Sandy

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda your Grandma said you missed me not repling to your blog. I know that tomorrow will be a hard day for all of you as yu take Kevin to the airport and put him on the plane but just remember he he will come back with all the stores and maybe he will meet some cousins there that is where grandma Bills family came from love to all Aunt Judy