Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All about the boys!

Shawn is 2 1/2 years old. He has such a cute personality. Shawn has to do whatever his brothers are doing; whither it is playing video games, playing with their friends outside, doing homework with them. Shawn makes the family laugh all the time.

Carson turned 6 in September. He started kindergarten this year. He loves to take the bus to and from school. Carson is now starting to read a few words. He will come home from school and read to the family. Carson cares so much about other people. If he gets a treat from school he will ask for more to give to his brothers.
Dylan will be 8 in December. He is now in the second grade. He is doing really well in school. It is amazing to watch him grow up so fast. (He is going to be just like his dad.) Dylan likes to hang out with his friends and family. He also enjoys playing video games, and writing letters to his uncle Brett who’s in boot camp.


The Josie said...

Hey Brenda!! How are you doing? I came across your blog from the viewmont site I was so excited to see you! Your boys are so cute!! I can't believe you have 3.... I have 3 kids myself.... I hope you are doing well.... this blog thing is so fun to see what everyone is doing these days!

Anonymous said...

What a great website. I love all of the pictures you have on there. I'm the proudest grandma in the whole world. An absolutely beautiful family. Keep adding those pictures!

Grandma Lori

Anonymous said...

What a fun website. It so fun to see the kids there Halloween costums. what a fun time in your lives. enjoy every moment, it goes by fast.
look forward to more.
Love Grandma and Grandpa Bears

Aunt Chris said...

Hey Guys Your boys are so cute and soooo big. I wish i seen everybody more. I sure miss you guys. looking forward to seeing more pictures. love ya Aunt Chris

Kathy Hales said...

Brenda it was great to find your blog, I just found the paper with your email and blog addresses on it. Better late than never I guess. Jennifer's fiance also flies to get hours, he will graduate in May in Aviation Science (I think that is the name) I hope they fly out to see us one of these days. We live in Illinois now and I really like it. You have a cute family. It is cool to be able to read about your lives and what you are up to. Cool way to keep in touch. I haven't gotten a blog yet but I really ought to look into it. Like how do you get started????? Love you Brenda, thanks for sharing your family with me.

Aunt Kat