Monday, November 17, 2008

Flight to St. George

We all flew down to St. George for the day and had Sunday dinner with my Grandparents. It only takes 2 hours so it was like going to Grandma's on a Sunday afternoon. We had dinner, played outside at Grandpas pond and at the Virgin River, and visited for a while. The weather was perfect. Then we flew home that afternoon. It was really cool cause we got back to the Salt Lake Valley just after dark so we could see the entire valley lit up. Dylan said it looked like we were in a Christmas tree, lol. Then when we got back we went straight from the airport out to dinner with my family for Justin's 21st birthday.
Blair is building up hours for his Commercial license so we will have lots of fun opportunities to fly places. Next week I think Blair and his Dad are flying to Lake Powell for the day.
My boys love to go flying with Blair. At least one of them goes every time. Me on the other hand, I get a little nervous when we go. Luckily this was a great day to go. There wasn't a breeze and it was a smooth ride. I still try to keep my mind busy by watching movies or taking these pictures. These pictures don't do justice to how amazing it looks from up there. I will have a lot more pictures of us flying in the future. My camera wasn't working on this trip, so I used my cell phone that’s why the pictures aren't very good. Anyway, It was really fun and it didn't even feel like it was a short trip. Probably cause we were actually down there for most of the day. Definitely worth the trip!
Now we'll see if my Mom is brave enough to go down with Blair next time to visit Grandma Sandy, lol ;)

This is Salt Lake!
Dylan said that it looked like we were in a Christmas tree.


Anonymous said...

Yes!! it was a fun day, to get to see the Deis for a Sunday dinner. thanks hope you come again real soon. your boys are so good and so sweet.
love ya,
Grandpa and Grandma

Spencer said...

Hey that sounds like it was a blast!! Next you come down you better give me a call too!! I live right by the Sand Hallow Aquatics Center!!