Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekend get away!

We spent the weekend up at Powder Mountain in a condo. We had such a good time. We mainly just relaxed. We did a lot of swimming and we played in the snow. Blair made us go "exploring" and any who knows Blair knows what that means, he just about killed us. I was so tired after. We also played some board games together and we had a killer game of Mario Party 3. Blair won and of course he rubbed our faces in it. He is not a graceful winner. lol :) It was so much fun cause it snow quite a bit while we were up there and it felt like Christmas.

Dylan and Carson both like to snowboard.

Even Shawn had a good time in the snow, he mainly wanted to eat it.

The condo we stay in had two bedrooms downstairs and a loft upstairs. This is a view from upstairs.

This is the room Dylan and Carson stayed in.


Amy said...

Your boys are adorable! It looks like you had a great trip!

I found you on the Viewmont blog. I'm always so glad when I see people I know on there. Our blog is private, but you can email me at mylj831@msn.com and I will add you.

TTYL- Amy Hales

The Parkin Family said...

Hey Brenda! It's good to see your blog! It is way cute!!! - Deb Parkin